Allgemeine Informationen

Set Identifikator 6

Selten Pokémon

Illustriert von Hiromichi Sugiyama

Aus dem e Card Expedition Set

Glurak Informationen

Nationaler Pokédex Nr. 6

120 HP

Feuer Typ Karte

Rang 2 Pokémon

Glurak Fähigkeit

Burning Energy

Poké-POWER: Once during your turn (before your attack), you may turn all basic Energy attached to all of your Pokémonn into Energy for the rest of the turn. This power can´t be used if Charizard is affected by a Special Condition

Glurak Angriffe

Scorching Whirlwind - 120

Flip 2 coins. If 1 of them is tails, discard 2Energy cards attached to Charizard. If both are tails, discard all Energy cards attached to Charizard.